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  1. This vague, generalized 8th grade anarchist speech is two years too late. Let me out.
  2. Word on gettin down with C.P. My pal Jim saw him read in NYC, three kids passed out, and during the Q & A he gave little bottles of Vodka to all the kids who asked questions. His work is fun to read and always carries some subversive anarchic message. Also, some neat(3x) vandalism shit in Choke... in the beginning, the mother marks various walls by standing her son in front of em while shining headlights on him, and then outlining his shape with black spraypaint. Get into it
  3. Less talk. More rock. Test Test. If it works it works. We got a bit of that Eye knocking boots with a Red Bank rooftop last spring era and then a dash of that Upper West Side busted-leg-spreadin lunatic. True Neatx3 love by yours truly, The Beyond. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00384037f00000001.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00384037f00000003.jpg'>
  4. Last Call! The new album is on some upper level transcendent hip hop pop shit, get into it.
  5. That pink tan Femme is undeniable.
  6. I'm walking up the NJ transit line down by my hood one night with this girl. We run into these two dudes waiting around at the station... looking suspicious. Words are exchanged. The girl gets bored and she leaves. Southbound train comes down and there's this CTA/ EYE panel on the last car. Fucking sick. The two dudes in question snap away photos and leave listening to Turbonegro. Big bump for Xide and Eye, it was ill.
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