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  1. ucanthaveme


    roboe tictok
  2. ucanthaveme

    Just a little something

  3. ucanthaveme

    rollin through BAMA...

    BEL iof
  4. ucanthaveme

    colder days...

    isto... on every thread
  5. ucanthaveme

    fuck poison ivy

    abys ISTO ISTO hellz yeah double bump
  6. ucanthaveme

    Full Yards,Empty Beer Bottles

    big ups!!! SPRE ISTO CREDS ~
  7. ucanthaveme

    Ch-Check It Out.........

    by far the best post ive seen in months... fuck yeah!!!! ISTO glue utah emit
  8. ucanthaveme

    Easter Eye Candy!

    united kingdom..... dunno... but them are some damn special trains
  9. ucanthaveme

    Easter Eye Candy!

    isto creds n violent how'd them trains get to the UK?
  10. ucanthaveme

    Graff Girls

    right on thanks phem.... yo i just seen your fr8 on metalheads :) nice nice.... yo for real I hit like 30 trains last year and i wanna belt out at least 50 this year... if anyone is down look me up ok
  11. ucanthaveme

    See You At The Crossroads

    PHEM rollin.... hellz yeah
  12. ucanthaveme

    I got my hands in my pockets

    CREDITO!.... frieght seen rollin.........................
  13. ucanthaveme

    Graff Girls

    hell yeah... I think i am the only girl writter in CT I got a friend doing it.. but we still need more ya know.. shit I'll get up with people in new yawk, mass RI anywhere in new england :) :) I'm not real sure if gates is a girl.. I was just sort of goin with it... :( sorry if i am wrong... ummm... see if you can find out what mag that is thats got the articles :) :) oh yeah.. if anyones got dreads n they wanna give me advice on mine i just started dreading yesterday.. only have a few I'm doing it myself so its gonna take a while
  14. ucanthaveme

    Graff Girls

    sup ladies.... just wanted to say hi.. y'all are rockin out hard.. I been practicing my ass off:) only way to get anywhere... so anyone in new england wanna get up anytime soon? I seen a Claw piece in BPT CT a few weeks back... not sure if it's the claw from on here or not... but anyways.. I really wanna get up and get a bunch of females to do a big phatty wall in CT soon... if anyone is down let me know!
  15. ucanthaveme

    Almost Graffiti.....

    anyone have any comments on this stuff? http://www.geocities.com/mouse5580/notebooknams.jpg'>