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  1. Unicron

    Graff Girls

    Yeah she takes it alright... let me break down this graff ho's flicks right quick the 1st 2 fr8s are mad wack the letters are busted... the throwy was givin-if not done for her the last tag was DONE for her.. if u ever seen her tags (good luck) you know she didnt do this one more thing,,, if you notice this girl only "writes" when shes screwing a new writer...inbetween dicks she doesnt do shit niggas in here need to stop tryin to hype up these really wack bitchs... if these were guys doin this stuff you would probably talk about how wack it was...
  2. oh shit this is real...never peeped this thread before post more of that flavor niggazzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Unicron

    Graff Girls

    it mad funny how u can tell when ader does utahs shit hahaa
  4. get off the niggas dick yea they get up big fuckin deal
  5. Unicron

    The Babble

    wtf this is the only tight thread in thewhole paper chase
  6. that hence is lookin right is that hence sc?
  7. 1st time peeping this thread and all i gota say is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  8. Unicron


    them niggas been killin lately and smash wit the garv stainss aaaaaaaaaaaaaight
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