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  1. stucko, graffiti does not have to look like skuf or twist or a "stucko burner" to be good its all up to the viewer and where you come from jome does not suck neither does zask..relax.............................................................. also what part of the country are you guys from? where can i see your shit so i can add my 2 cents.
  2. lol, wow that is sooooooooooo fucking ugly. seriously, i cant comprehend that atrocity. cr-bored
  3. ^^^ hey asshole, im going to give you a heads up....ok?...ready................... if you ever see the word crnot on a train dick it because you can believe with out a doubt im going to find out who you are and paint over your gay shit if i ever come across it you are gay so is you little 5th element hip hop quote shit,,,,,,,,,by the way im not hip hop.. love crnot
  4. i think ahoy is fucking dope
  5. Re: dunno, bored hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha lol hahahahahahahaha
  6. such nice hand styles pores floe osteo jethro.... best thread on 12oz so many pictures
  7. Re: yah yah yah ^^^^^^ lol thats whats up.
  8. hey jackass im the total oppsite of thug or hard, i want to know your names because im going to paint over your stuff not find you and beat you up.....but if you hate on my shit and leave your name thats fine you intitled to your thoughts just leave a name if you feel so compelled to make a comment xrae, im going to remember that byebye
  9. yo,whats up sf1, lol, seriously fr8 nerds, i dont care who hates at least be a man and dont hide behind a screenname, thats so ridiculous, if you say something nasty and i ask your name just leave it so i can see what type of writer is making the comment.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dear guys, lol, everyone does not want to reveal there names, what a shock, and to think all i wanted to do was to learn from everyones great styles. yer pal crnot
  11. lol, ster do you write ster? lol if so let a motherfucker know so i can jot that down........ love crnot
  12. Re: all i know is.... joewelcome what do you write? i would like to know love crnot
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