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  1. we don't even want his ass. :haha:
  2. it would of been funnier if they did "rappin' virgins crew"
  3. rip bane. a genuine person. you will be missed.
  4. it looks like it was dissed first.
  5. http://www.infamythemovie.com/ enem has a spot in that documentary.
  6. cutoff rolling AGSKE boogie
  7. thers already an fh crew. Quoted post [/b] get off their dicks. i dont' think those jersey dudes need you defending them on the internet. leave it at that. but don't make my man's thread dumb by bickering. nice post homey
  8. too many sheep, too little time, homey.
  9. you need them sunglasses while looking at those new autoracks. :0)
  10. forgot to upload a bunch. i'll save it for a second post sometime. not all are recent... oh yeah. thats the end.
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