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  1. who did that last def threats????
  2. im still waitin homie man fuck that guy seyno, that guy can eat shit, fucking pussy. nigga you think just cause you only got one hand and your missing 5 toes and an ear that i wont fuck your ass up? think again fool, your styles wack ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and not to mention that urrrrrr your fucking ehhhhhhhhhhh pieces ahhhh look mmmmmm oh god ... whats happening to me, im turning into a big FUCKING PUSSY BECAUSE IM TALKING SHIT ANNONOMISSLY BEHIND A KEYBOARDDDDDDDDD SHUT THE FUCK UP no but seriously from what i know of seyno he didnt ask for this thread, and he sure as fuck didnt make it, cool cat, takes a hella long time to email a fucker back
  3. what a dick. do you know where in houston that shit is??? streets?
  4. what a dick. do you know where in houston that shit is??? streets?
  5. peter N0rth

    ewok flix

    ewok.com kills the other one but hes fresh toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. http://members.aol.com/bornfresh/booty'> shameless boppin on that female...
  7. if that really is a totem sketch im disapointed. it looks like asssss b
  8. im in a ...........urrrrr....... i cant escape ....its like. ohhhhhh.... GOD DAMN IT!!I HATE IT!!!!
  9. im the resarezka be my sacrifice commit suicide and ill bring you back to life.............
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