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tha drivah

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  2. Like that DAMB there, hitter
  3. ^^Yeah that CRAZE, NAST, MAZON, DVS, DISKO all heaters
  4. really that shit is hurt as fuck, dude has OK hands but that is aweful
  5. my man KUBZ hit that and fell off that shit, let me find the pic of it! Dude almost died
  6. really kid?? you must not live or bomb any real city cause if you did you know they levitate on some chris angel steez to grab that fame......seen him do it for real
  7. wow a huge loss, from the bay to pretty much errywhere, KIDS hit some of the most creative spots any of us can ever imagine. Sorry I did not know you better, you inspired me a lot and anytime I see your spots runnin it makes me happy to know your up there watchin
  8. P throws are always correct, i hope somebody buys that car and it gets dissed WTF
  9. yeah its worth checkin out, hella STOCKTON HISTORY-YOUSEE NIGGA
  10. ^^yeah dude is right any body in the game knows KOSE or as at least seen him up like mutha fucka. king status
  11. RUSTO, I see ya boy 209-415
  12. Re: writers in action! huh, thats a good question, fuckin loser......stay out!!
  13. that right there is tha bizness
  14. My nakka kubz on there, ha what up boy i see ya
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