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  1. haha ok pal.. uh uh sdot playa word..whos the gay one? dont worry theres a hotline for your problems..you know...about your daddy...you know..the stuff he does? its ok..its gunna be ooook ... edit- dont put my name next to your whack toy shit please..
  2. ArizerOne your style is so sexy
  3. toy ass attempt at 3d http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_41631_0101_8923.jpg'>
  4. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2003/12/5/wag_94318_0512_3268.jpg'>
  5. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/2003/11/28/wag_71842_2811_8278.jpg'>
  6. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_45400_0101_8553.jpg'>
  7. 2ek

    The 3D pages.

    i donno that is lookin a bit like a totem bite
  8. deto would you be able to hook mmy cunuck ass up with some lables too? ill pay shipping - emial is eathero@hotmail.com , if you dont want to thats cool too
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