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  1. I like how that Dr. Sex piece above incorporates those rocks.
  2. P.S. More Xooter and Hype tags.
  3. Uh-Ohs! No racist shit from KKKatie!
  4. More old school pics. The level of toyness in this thread is unbelievable.
  5. Good pics, Mac. Nice to see those old TA tags. Got any Score? I remember seeing SNR everywhere, EDC scribes on the bus. What about some fate and soel MOF/TBH pics?
  6. Does that say Embryo Farm in the background^^^
  7. I just went back like three pages. Everything this guy does is dope.
  8. Great set of pics. really liked the old Joro and Beg.
  9. Cool, there're already like 500 failed SJ flicks with the same flicks. Fail, close, all that.
  10. Thanks for the old school pics. Is there a Flickr link?
  11. I think it says safe. But yeah, Sace probably still has shit running in SF too.
  12. Ernie, you should just ignore Delirium...any time you respond to one of his posts it just encourages him to start up. Someone will catch him slipping in the computer lab and either tell the principal or stab him in the throat.
  13. Yeah bump Abhor, and Death, and the rest of KUK, I remember seeing them all over Gilman years ago.
  14. dood, seriously shut the fuck up. take a night off and do your homework or something.
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