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  1. who the fuck are you?why do you care who the fuck i am?
  2. y'all like the food references i used in that..i thought that was pretty good..all this talk about beef makes me hungry
  3. whatever dude,if you really want beef,then fuck it..we got stew,i got some carrots and hot water..or you could just squash it and we could go our seperate ways..both you and i know that i didnt snitch on you,i dont want any fuckin drama in my life,i have enough..whoever it was that told you i narked is full of shit and has some personal problem with me ..if that person isnt man enough to settle their beef with me and not get you to deal with it for them is a little bitch and should get dealt with,basically whoever told you that is using you as a puppet cause they cant deal with me themselves,i think i have a good idea of who that is now..this isnt you man..this isnt the homie i met randomly and kicked it with every day for hella,but its cool..motherfuckers are bored
  4. dont talk about something you have no idea about man..that shit has nothing to do with you,dont ever talk about me again little kid..you keep your fuckin drama bitchmaid,i dont want anything to do with your personal problems,keep me off your tounge and ill do the same thats why you couldnt approach me in real life about it..you gotta wait until you are out of the state to make the accusation, i never did shit to you,whatever lies you got pumped full of is your own problem,sarah can talk a good one cant she
  5. so now im a fucking snitch homeboy?hahaha..you keep thinking that,its cool HOMEY!you know i didnt rat on you..but if thats what you wanna think,then fuck it...what would i have to gain from snitching on you?they didnt see me doing shit bro..if you got a problem with me then dont bring it on an open forum..tell me over the phone or in an e-mail,its none of these cats buisness,that shit is between you and me and i aint no fuckin snitch punk
  6. someone must really not like that danny dude big ups to enoks mom
  7. thats exactly what i have been doing..copying the adress where the picture is,pasting it into the "IMG" thingy..
  8. damn..i cant figure this shit out someone help?what am i doing wrong?
  9. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbrapp/album/ViewImageDetail.jsp?vid=1&pid=512283&t_s=1065521050973&thumbnail=1'>
  10. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbrapp/album/ViewImageDetail.jsp?vid=1&pid=512283&t_s=1065520663253&thumbnail=1'>
  11. http://www.fotango.com/cgi-bin/view_image.cgi?PICTURES=A373561_6'> too many politics in graff.. lets all just get up
  12. http://www.fotango.com/cgi-bin/view_image.cgi?PICTURES=A373561_6'> too many politics in graff.. lets all just get up
  13. hahha..thats funny..oh..big ups to your mom also
  14. anyone got drone tsk flicks? (that should rustle a few peoples feathers)
  15. damn...hey audeos..you should hit me up..i need to figure out how to do this shit
  16. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbrapp/album/ViewImageDetail.jsp?vid=1&pid=507053&t_s=106516'> massive ups
  17. http://www.fotango.com/cgi-bin/view_image.cgi?PICTURES=A373561_1'>
  18. the shirts make good presents for your mom..buy one now,give it to your mom to sport..she would look ill..fuck it..get the whole family on the bandwagon!you could get an ill flick with all of your family sportin the shits..i think i would pay for that picture..not much,but i would pay
  19. http://www.fotango.com/cgi-bin/view_image.cgi?PICTURES=A373561_2'>
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