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  1. i already started doing this years ago


  3. do start bull shit you dont know about you toy punk
  4. i like how you posted the real else after the fake one .
  5. Re: write with silver:get dissed you talk like you used to do something . your a fucking toy. you just started writing . i aint never seen you any where 3 years ago. remember when you tried to write tbk and side bust to look like you were down and tell people you were in it 2 years ago. your so jealous that we put those guys down when they werent that good instead of you.hahaha. get over it. you used to bite komy hard. i know other names you used to write.i havent seen a loser fr8 on this side of the country.no one even heard of yall. dont forget your from the rich part of the suburbs thug art
  6. that met and that ta were crossed out last time i checked pier was in ta thug art
  7. real girl writers dont need their own thread
  8. ^^ way to put the decals on crooked
  9. moral of this story should be dont fuck with dibbs or courage crew or any one they are down with at a show, your head will get stomped.if that hip hop idiot was near the pit during a dibbs set he would have got hurt . thug art
  10. actually i heard u were a one legged jew wooly mamouth
  11. hey bro you should watch how you talk to people that you dont know , your fr8 count could turn into negative
  12. if you dont know what quality is ,you obviosly you dont paint quality shit
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