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  1. i was just in T.O.. dont think the scene has died at all. one thing i noticed is that the city was asleep when it comes to the highway.... lots of jafar still up....TRIK ROLLAS!! horus. HFB. many more.... scene is still kickin....maybe compared to the summer it looks bare..but many like to hibernate.
  2. I would say that it is very hard to determine who exactly it was that used clouds first...Many writers from NYC would claim to be the first.....In the style wars dvd extras you can flip through writers names and pieces but many of them use clouds including Zephyr Revolt Super Kool and so on..........
  4. theres an HA in london ontario........short for hate i think ...........part of ATM kru.... here the site for em http://www.geocities.com/artistictalentmisplaced/
  5. most of u in this thread who actually believe that when a cop pulls u over and he askes to search your bag and you say "no" that he actually has no right to.... are fools. Remeber its a cop....what u gonna do?? take him to court?? who the fuck do u think a judge is gonna believe. I know there are othe rcircumstances but the only advice you need to know is if you see a cop before he sees you and u been bombin..than u run...simple and plain...if he sees u than its ur choice what to do..but i will tell u all this who dont really no how cops work... if u say no to a search...either they will physically take your bag off u or take u downtown simple as fuckin that..anybody who believes otherwise.. than im hopin i never paint with u cause u be the first to get pinched...biznatchiooohhh's:king: :king: :king:
  6. london ontario Crews UV COR OPS HW NES ATM TKO ABS KUTS WHO NTB SAQ .................... lots more but cant think
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