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  1. Axis

    New kid..

    Once again thanks for honesty. As far as bending my letters to my liking, I'm just goin through the alphabet with variations here and there till I like one....
  2. Axis

    New kid..

    I got like 4 more lying around that are actually respectable...I'll post them up tomorrow
  3. Axis

    New kid..

    Another 2 I've done...Copied the style of the letters http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL236/1309027/2488207/34058271.jpg'> http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL236/1309027/2488207/34058263.jpg'>
  4. Axis

    New kid..

    Thanks for the honestly. Personally, I do agree with you. As far as meeting some local writers...I have seen maybe 3 murals in like a 20mi radius...I'll chill out on the forums for a bit, only thing I can do is learn... Any suggestions for others? Dr.Seus.. I'd say bout 8 months or so...I'm a pretty good artist, and it sounds kinda bad, but I can just look a piece and copy it pretty well...I'm just trying to develop my own style.. The reason for the black tails....teacher threw an eraser at me, made a nice big stray mark...so I tried to fix it...
  5. Axis

    New kid..

    Sup fellas, I got interested in the art a few years back...My cousin who lives up in NY sent me a few quickies he did and I got interested in it...Started gettin into breakin, saw some of Mr. Wiggles stuff, got hooked... Nowadayz I just sketch stuff up, but this weekend, I'm going to be doing my first graff job on an abandon warehouse. I was lookin around the forums and didn't really find any stuff for newbs, but any links to sites to learn bout history of graff, the equipment and such?? Here's something I did during calculus with some of those fatties crayloa markers in like 5 min...Not the best I've done but it's a start.. http://pic8.picturetrail.com:80/VOL236/1309027/2488207/33127413.jpg'>
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