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  1. gang graffiti dosent suck but it isent the best cuz its just thrown up on a wall most of the time all the gang graffiti i see is
  2. http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/cool94553/mud.jpg'> -MUD its a little rough. but i think the u looks nice:yum: my scanner suck so where theirs no shading there really. is and i know my spelling sucks and grammar tell me what you think
  3. :D pull up your pants kid in the red:lol:
  4. hey dingle dick lern how to put a pic in right
  5. what the fuck is up with the mona thats some funny shit:lol: :twitch: :sick:
  6. mmm good stuff some of your color combinations mind blowing :D :D :D
  7. your shit looks good outlineing could be better but all in all it looks good
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