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  1. just here to say this has been my only screen name in 12oz history and never made no fakes.
  2. that dement is NOT fresh because its from 05. and that spot was in the east bay. however still, its dope. much respect.
  3. spotted a fat HARSH scribe in a scene from that new Exorcist flick.
  4. page 247 on hit. girafa bust on that truck.
  5. its spelled FRONTIER. keys, phoes that pemex flick is funnny. dope swerv flick. antes used to paint hella diff.
  6. that boy wrote , "im back". aha.
  7. that KOLA and SMUT is on hit. Vizie allll day too.
  8. killahoe posting all the wrong shit these last to pages.
  9. damn that ten fold debossments in the fill! that exchange wall and all the other peices is beastin
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