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  1. ColdWar

    Character Post

    spellbound..I'm really liking those alot. nice work
  2. ColdWar

    Character Post

    i know you do..you'll get a canvas of them soon enough
  3. http://i.myspace.com/40/71/101704/946310_m.JPG'> http://i.myspace.com/40/71/101704/946579_m.JPG'> i'm liking these
  4. ColdWar

    Character Post

    http://i.myspace.com/40/71/101704/946310_m.JPG'> http://i.myspace.com/40/71/101704/946579_m.JPG'> I like it simple.
  5. ITS time you buy a scanner...Those are great! I get dibs on the top one.
  6. stomah-your more than welcome to have one if you want. just leave me a email satelliteheart@comcast.net..I did make a batch of them
  7. bingo..super mario brother...ninji's!!!!
  8. http://i.myspace.com/40/71/101704/885115_m.JPG'> Constructive Criticism welcome. This is my very first attempt. I am just a baby still.
  9. Oh Brady duncan, Matt rinks, dave fox (he is great at freestyle. i have a piece from each of these guys) matt rinks..they are both great..Matt rinks, does amazing color, Bugs is the cubism artist, and also can try Cleen Rock one (topnotch tattoos). Civ is good. Another amazing artist is Jeff Zuck..they kid can blow away so many..so many artist look up to him for inspiration. He is based at Name Brand tattoo. Seth Ciferri is only good for classic traditional pieces..thats his goal, and he is heavy handed.
  10. ColdWar


    stick to the one you definately feel comfortable in. You will be spending a hour or more in it, and you want a good atmosphere. You determine the artist by what there portfolios look like. So ask them to see there work..they usually always have books waiting in the lobby. old english letter is a little over played..but it thatas your picking..stick to it. Like I say..Think for yourself what you want..dont worry how others feel about it..Its not there skin..its your..and tattoos shouldnt be done to impress anyone but yourself.
  11. ColdWar


    <-----very tattooed once working in a tattoo shop myself..I will tell you to stay away from wall pieces or tribal period. Tribal probably helped defined tattooing to becoming mainstream, but it has a faded history with tons of regrets to the spring breakers of the 90's and beyond. also most tattooest hate doing tribal..unless that is their specialty. Nothing makes a tattooer happier than when you have a idea, that has meaning to you and you ask to join heads and create something together. We even usually hook you up, because they are also bring in there talent as well. they will also work alot harder at it and make it look wonderful. Wall pieces are meant for nothing more than clueless jokers, who have no idea about art or even meaning. Its hard to be completely orginal, something is always going to be spawned off from someone elses piece or you will get a ton of copycats. I personally have choosen nothing but work that I have drawn up that has something to do with a meaning or time in my life. I dont care if it has become trendy and millions have copied from it...take it as a compliment. All I know is it is my work..my own drawing put into place. Dont be afraid to tell the artist if you dont like it..we never take it as a cut down..rather you know what you want. We can draw your idea or piece a thousand times over, just for your sake. 1.definately think about what you want, and make sure you like it..not something you will regret years later, and never get any pieces that will be mainly visible, that you just came up with or came from a wall.. those are the ones you and others will see for the rest of your life, and the ones you will regret. THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT IT. 2. Stay away from trends 3. Dont go to big for your first piece...everyone is different on pain tolerance and patience. Plus you will have that first HUGH piece, that you may come to later regreting in the end. 4. dont get cartoon characters from hit shows. unless your a complete die hard fan. star wars ring a bell or ren and stimpy. 5. Take care of your piece..the biggest mistake it people mainly getting them done in the summer, going into pools or baths to soon, and exposing it to the sun to early. those things usually ruin the tattoo and make it look like crap..not the artist.unless they are a chop shop. 6. Invest and look for a artist. Find someone that suits your style.. not the tattoo parlor down your street. I have work from all around the globe. 7. Think wisely..but remember to think for yourself. let me know if you have any other questions. also..if you have a problem with strangers touching you..be perpared for alot of grabs and gauching.
  12. Actually phism..how can you define her as a hipster..cause she has a scarf.....oh my, its not like those arent useful during winter season..
  13. l' rawr http://i.myspace.com/40/71/101704/600950_l.JPG'>
  14. ColdWar

    holloween sketches

    Dork....Your stuff is always amazing. Reminds me of Nightmare before christmas
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