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  1. all black people will copy anything a famous rapper does no matter how ridiculous it looks (i.e. wearing your shirt half on)
  2. ok...so two nights ago i did some detective work and felt the outside of her underwear where the ballsac would be...and yes..i felt a large mass there. it was like she stuffed her underwear with a ball of warm jello.
  3. supertroopers fear of a black hat CB4 the virgin suicides the basketball diaries requiem for a dream the royal tenenbaums teen wolf almost famous
  4. so youre saying girls that have been abused are off limits?
  5. im not close to that old and only one of the girls was younger than 18.
  6. My friend (the one that has psoriasis) used to date this girl that was abused when she was younger. Not saying that thats cool, because its not, but typically girls that have been abused are down to do whatever. Well, she usually doesnt hang out, but one weekend she did and let my friend with psoriasis bury it to the base in her ass. So he mentioned the idea of a threesome and she said she didn't care. So the next weekend we all got drunk and i walked into a room and they happened to to be in there and i said 'sorry', but she said 'stay.' So i stayed and i banged her while she sucked him off and vice versa. But apparently because she was molested or whatever, she throws up after sex. So what happened directly after i was finished having sex with her?...she threw up.
  7. i wouldve pushed her in a pond..if there wasnt a pond around i wouldve dragged her to where there was one and pushed her in it...then i wouldve told her it was an accident...i know youre not supposed to hit girls but i havent seen the rule that says you cant throw them in ponds
  9. i swear to god..everytime we had sex we were usually drunk..and i seriously never felt it there
  10. the first chick wasnt that busted and this one doesnt really have balls, its just a mass of skin and labia resembling a ballsac
  11. I had sex with a girl and then found out she had a ballsac.... ok..this is another true story...i had sex with this really hot girl a bunch of times and never noticed anything wrong..probably because i never went down on her....but a few weeks ago a couple of her friends asked me if i noticed anything weird about her pussy and i said "No, but i didnt snack on it." And they proceeded to tell me that the girl had a really big labia that resembled a ballsac. The one girl said she saw it and literally gagged and basically dry heaved right then and there..My question is..should i have sex with the girl again despite the ballsac? I mean, i didnt notice it and she really did have a nice cub.
  12. my last girlfriend took acutane and she got rectal bleeding from it..thats one of the possible symptoms..and i licked her ass...but i never ate her out on her period..thats disgusting.
  13. Re: Re: i know i was involved in a threesome with a girl and a guy with psoriasis, but... i shouldve phrased that better..only he had psoriasis...she just wanted dicks inside her
  14. i went to school for architecture for a semester....it was really time consuming and im not a fan of the math required to be an architect.
  15. does anyone that lives in canada (closer to the east coast) need a roommate, say around the summer time?
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