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  1. hey. just wanted to add that you dont make that much money doing tshirts. a few people have most deffinately, but with the amount of people that are doing it now, its really really hard to make any big money. it may seem like, woah that thsirt is $80, but it can cost $50 to put it out after all things are considered. also its damn hard work, its not like ill scribble on a tshirt and sit back and watch the $$ roll in. all the borings ins and outs make it a really hard job. you really have to want to do it, otherwise it would be easier to just get a decent job, work less, less stress and probably get paid the same, and not have to deal with the "sell out" blah blah and also not having to deal with putting your rep on the line on a thsirt design every time.
  2. godsend


    japan yeah renks and banos smash it! That thing in bomber was sick! It says in the article they were in the news as well.
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