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jerry atrick

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  1. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/582186_7548436111989876717_vl.jpg'>
  2. :confused: creepy? what do you mean. :)
  3. good stuff man. the train track one is ill. so you know JALE? my email is jordo2ben@aol.com hit me up man, i'm from around the area myself...:cool:
  4. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/576097_2996360821814910598_vl.jpg'>
  5. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/573400_4019913939707006288_vl.jpg'>
  6. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/573399_642845123715959112_vl.jpg'>
  7. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/573398_3191406428270150041_vl.jpg'>
  8. something new, although the size that the image server put it at does not do it justice at all. anyone know of a better image host that will host images in higher quality (i.e BIGGER images) for free? http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/552486_5194917210136073362_vl.jpg'>
  9. here is a simple. it's old tho. just scanned in a mush more recent one but the program 'encountered an error and needs to shut down". it will be posted soon tho http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/28186/p/549801_7923689033525853527_vl.jpg'>
  10. haha, the bigger the better. that could do some damage klue:cool:
  11. damn, that's really good! the way that the sihlouette blends in with the ever present city-scape is very cool. the sunset/rise intertwined with the bridge is real nice too. ;)
  12. word, thanks. yeah, i know what you mean. the one fucked up thing (and its not an excuse, but when using digitalpose.com, no matter how big my actuall images are, they downsize them, thus making the shit look crappy at times.) for instance, my lines are really not that squiggly. simples should be comin'.:dazed: propaganda, that simple is hot.
  13. ^^^cool, klue. looks like grass.
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