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  1. bump for that new msk shit gotta give credit where its due, those new letters are on point
  2. damnit! looks like you caught everybody but me. :(
  3. thumbs up for my man from the boogie down :king:
  4. my nigga VOICE... givin the young homey from the varrio some love
  5. that shit is definately played the fuck out i used to use all those lil retro structures in my shit but fuckin too many copy cats killed it. glad i stopped before it officially got GAY.
  6. toymagnet


    thank you to the kids on here talkin about how wack freights are... now we know who the toys are. ;)
  7. toymagnet


    http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/30675/p/590493_3069826631635153197_vl.jpg'> isnt there a sp one piece under this? whats up with that? :confused:
  8. toymagnet


    hey roger pitss... why dont you tell us all what you write cause i'd like to have a good laugh... and lemme fill you in on a lil something, sento isnt the only person in history to take a bunch of colors and put all the patterns in the romper room rug in his piece. alot of people do it actually, its just that internet dickriders like you think he's the OG because all you know is what you seen on the net.
  9. best post since the last best post
  10. god i wish i had a auto rack spot
  11. toymagnet


    bottom line: new york isnt mad toy, theres just mad toys in new york. i think we can all agree on that. :D
  12. toymagnet


    hes talking about that rime setup roof. i dont think its exactly spectacular myself, hell they prolly dont give two shits for it. but yeah, 99% of shit up today in the city is toy as shit. pretty dissappointing state of affairs. and yeah, doz sucks too. my lady rocks better shit than alot these turkeys out nowadays. but hey, what can ya do? i go over toys day and night, do you?
  13. someone should change that heist into a heat...
  14. i kinda like the fuzzy texture
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