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  1. HOVIE

    Character Post

    Re: ...seano mr cheeks hahahahahahahaha
  2. HOVIE

    music videos

    wu-tang- c.r.e.a.m el-p - deep space nine mm super saiyan crew - the one where its done in one shot, dunno the name christina milain - dip it low:yum:
  3. HOVIE

    My last night as a 12oz icon

    people who i know have no idea what AIM is so i just stick to msn...i got aim too though....but the gay thing is that they both fuckin suck..but i cant get off the damn thing:mad: Hoovie5136@hotmail.com Hoov1er
  4. HOVIE

    Man survives six nails driven into head

    yer i saw this in the metro yesterday...the headline was "i must get my nails done..":rolleyes:
  5. HOVIE


    yeah baby, you have a fucked up thumb nail...and props on the es shoes;)
  6. HOVIE

    The AFK Thread

    this thread fuckin sucks.... just kidding dude..
  7. HOVIE

    Graff on DVD?

    i checked out the links you posted and they look sick...i like the looks of area 08 2...i never knew that was even out...that purehate one looks frikkin crazy aswell....but i like a bit of street bombing in a graf video...trains get a bit boring after a while....ive seen dirty hands 2, area 08, some of pirates and cebo 2....my favourite would probably be dirty hands or pirates....if you can suggest any similar to this it would be appreciated.... thanks
  8. HOVIE

    Graff on DVD?

    my dvd arrived today...i was dissapointed with it....its pretty crap to be honest..theres a decent scene with a guy bombing insides and a bit of street bombing which was ok....but definatley not worth the money:( .. however im gonna start buying more graf videos so ill check out those links you posted
  9. HOVIE


    damn those hebrew handstyles are fuckin crazy...i would definatley wanna learn to do them...if anyone would show me the basics i would be VERY grateful...hit me up on aim or sumthin : Hoov1er
  10. HOVIE

    fire estingwisher tags,

    oh my god look at this dudes spelling!!!!! :rolleyes:
  11. HOVIE

    Post up your animated TEASE gifs.

    this shit takes the piss man....i thought everyone liked tease!?
  12. HOVIE

    The AFK Thread

    if thats the guy people say you bite then yes......yes you do
  13. HOVIE

    Graff on DVD?

    Re: Darkside shit...i ordered it..should be coming tomorow..i hope its good:(
  14. HOVIE

    The AFK Thread

    im feelin vir's stuff....but i know nothing about these writers like "virus" and "totem" so i cant tell if hes biting..
  15. burnout 2 owns gt3...and burnout 3 will 0WN gt3