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  1. i dont know if my vote counts but if it did it would go to zire
  2. hoax_oner

    For my girl..

    tell me what u think........ tell me what u think......for my girl Cinthia http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000023.jpg'>
  3. hoax_oner

    usps labels

    HERE!!!! damn man go here and at the top search for "label" go to 228 and make an account there free now quit your bitchen!! http://shop.usps.com/cgi-bin/vsbv/postal_s...on_ssl/home.jsp
  4. hoax_oner

    usps labels

    Re: I KNOW I KNOW WHERE YOU CAN GET SOME!! postal postal!
  5. hoax_oner

    usps labels

    make me an offer il tell u where to get up to 10,000
  6. ehhh nice ass piece.....put it on tits
  7. tell me what u think http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000022.jpg'> if u wanna trade email me thanks tell me what u think email= hoaxone269@yahoo.com
  8. When We Gonna Trade? Email Me Stomah hoaxone269@yahoo.com
  9. Re: Re: simple> u mighta fell in love with it but im the one who has it haha:lol: :dazed: :cool: :D
  10. cuz il give you other things if i get a streak name it if i can get it i will im desperate
  11. no starz i didnt get them yet.......hey il give someone 1000 postals for a sakura streak email me hoaxone269@yahoo.com if your intrested and does any one know when you place an order on bombing science what does it show up beside the price? peace
  12. Hey Stomah wanna trade?....email me at hoaxone269@yahoo.com
  13. 3 stickers long http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000021.jpg'>
  14. simple yet great rize u wanna trade?...my email is hoaxone269@yahoo.com peace keep it up:smiles: :clown2: :spin:
  15. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000020.jpg'>
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