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  1. that character on tha 2nd pic is good apart from da eyes, make da eyes look more realistic like the rest of the character and ya sorted but apart from dat its all looking good
  2. tha A looks a bit out of place try to squeeze it in more like da other letters
  3. nice one faze, hoped mine could of turned out better :P P.
  4. keep it simple southMES123
  5. prodigy - Voodoo People Prodigy - Out Of Space Pendulum - Tarantula
  6. who are the people you hate mostly, it can be anyone, another graff artist, musician, actor ANYONE
  7. i was replying to da pic btw
  8. Try And Keep It More Neat, And dont use arrows, try and be original
  9. eazy faze never expected you to get up dis much, keep it up P.
  10. in my mates car at ASDA (supermarket) mate went in to get some beers me like a prick got a pen and poked it in the top of my spray can can and blue paint bursted in my face so i had to go into the toilets at ASDA and on the way everyone pointing and laughing. more embarssing than painful but the paint did hurt in me eyes.
  11. none of u can obviously do graff and have no art skillz so quit while your ahead
  12. seze shut da fuck up ya cant even write and ya will never be in TMP and props for tellin everyone what i write base obviously none of you are listening to the older heads which are giving you advice. Props to Opi P.
  13. nice one Bone dat roof is sick mate , Rome's aloud out soon lads:D lol i'll give ya a call soon Bone Tmp on da rise P.
  14. nice one bone wont be able to go painting in da holidays lads, school aint going very well and me folks arent very pleased lol. shud be able go painting in bout 2 weeks so i shall see ya then bone and all da other TMP mans P.
  15. Koms Big Up Herd,Koms and Opi
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