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  1. Jacked from the Underground thread. http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/53/fed-central-april04.jpg'> http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/53/skope-central-april04.jpg'>
  2. LoneRanger


    Stop giving this cunt props for a style thats not his. Hes gone way past "influenced." Why dont some of you go take a look at the totem thread.
  3. LoneRanger


  4. can anyone tell me the address of a site where i can download full graff vids?
  5. THose IVO pieces are straight up biting from inupie style from spain,,and in a previous post the ivo were straight up typical dortmund style( especially WUT 90')..Aussie dewd aint fuckin original (xcept for atome,kasino,dgm,dephy and some girls like spice),, please stop sleeping on your mag! we all know that you got no credibility and barely cannot understand why you suddenly jumped on this board! Damn,, kangaroos can't paint!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very funny indeed.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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