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  1. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3cf38b3127cce82372f83ba750000001610'> LEE VING JAMES......AKA "SABER" OH DAMN NOW IM A RAT TOO
  2. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3cf33b3127cce81a4ed2587650000001610'>
  3. well thank you for that usefull contibution to this forum
  4. beats the hell outta me, check this link out it sums up what i think you should do>>>>>>>>>http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3f78bf39_864f/bc/My+Photos/__sr_/romo.jpg?bcVdUe_A5hEwVCRy'>
  5. PABST......HASL..... http://www.sigup.com/data/california/165160.php'> fuck the shit yard!!!!
  6. my bad i didnt mean to post that 4 times i guess my comp is wacked out doa double click caused that madness
  7. i swear this thread turned into a frickin novela over night,:) :)
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