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  1. so who is into the new new lows record? killing the dream - lucky me was a disappointment. guess it's hard to follow up a record like fractures.
  2. COLD WORLD MO'FUCKA!!! real recognize real.
  3. first kid hit ever! old pic but damn, those sure were the days.... it takes real to recognize real....
  4. repping gothenburg like that. not a subway station but shit, you should see that station. glass doors just like that one line in LDN. and france i think? who knows.
  5. every head in here should def check out subway stories. someone add the trailer. i'm too lazy. it's proper bo' i tell thee!
  6. i wanna see where this thread goes or did sweden already kill it?
  7. they should make a best of in your dreams-dvd with extra footage, don't you think?
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