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  1. low-top black pro-kids with white laces (loose) block socks that are real tight levis 517 (worn and faded) camel light hard pack shirt ('nothing soft about them) stolen campmor jacket, green and black newsboy hat my girl bought me in boston in pockets wallet keys to my house and my girlfriend's car dunhill lights 20 pack with 2 missing 2 white lighters i stay rocking the same outfit for days on end, being has i own little to no clothes and the clothes are i do own are either stolen and/or falling apart.
  2. entire album "on the wall" by micheal jackson prince - under the cherry moon blonde - 11.15
  3. that album is amazing, front to back, both sides. not one bad song on there by any means, you can deny that............................... by all means classic..
  4. black flag 'you bet we've got something against you' echo and the bunnymen 'do it clean' can ' paperhouse' merle haggad 'every bottle'?
  5. fridays are really great, i woke up forgetting it was today, so i ate a handful of klonopins and now just waiting to go to school.... then work, then to get my check cashed, then to probably perhaps to get some takeout of some sort and then back to work to revealing in the fact that i'll be doing nothing but sitting around for the next eight hours pretty much doing some to very little work within that time... then off to who knows where. i heart fridays.
  6. Roger and Zapp - Computer Love
  7. Wire - The 15th Issac Hayes - Walk On By Jackson Five - Ready Or Not (Here I Come)
  8. Prince - Ballad of Dorothy Parker Al Green - For The Good Times Mark Ronson ft. Ghostface - Ooh Wee
  9. captain email me, if you will - congratulationsyou@yahoo.com
  10. http://www.geocities.com/congratulationsyou/winstonsalemfive.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/congratulationsyou/winstonsalemseven.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/congratulationsyou/winstonsalemsix.jpg'>
  11. http://www.geocities.com/congratulationsyou/winstonsalemtwo.jpg'>
  12. http://www.geocities.com/congratulationsyou/winstonsalemthree.jpg'>
  13. iron will write on/in your house. http://www.geocities.com/congratulationsyou/winstonsalemone.jpg'>
  14. but see the thing is, in such a state, you could have people writing in your own city and only know them by what they put up. it seems to me that kids are just focused on fame before they have decent idea of style, at least before they can begin to understand. how many times have i seen a done up production in this state painted by people who live in this state and underneath the pieces there rides some busted tags? too many.. kids just don't get it, i think. the whole point of this entire reason we participate in this shared event. and if they do, then they ain't doing it right by certain standards, and to that they are toys. plain as day.
  15. i think kids from north carolina, because they come up in a state not really known for graffiti, they have no basis to place a starting point of style at so they craft their own and most of the time they what they have around them, even if its some second generation bite. this might make it easy for them as there is something so near that they can look at, but one word of advice... don't believe the hype. those who know - know what is going on. big things are happening. north carolina is being taken aboard and even at home more and more is getting painted, but flicks do not need to be posted on this board as a reminder. there is nothing to prove as the proof is already there, you just got to look around....... HFKings.
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