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  1. FISHROC116


    Are you a complete retard..why are you assuming I'm Colt45 ??? I just have a quote from him. GOD dont make an ass outta yourself by ASSuming.....I'm born and raised in manhattan yo. You sound mad stupid....I dont know colt but the way you talk shit he would prolly burn your ass...you sound like a fucking bitchass hater. I'm not trying to be an internet bitch and talk but come on man you did it to yourself with that retarded comment. I'M NOT Colt 45 aiight..got it?? good..I'm a nobody!
  2. FISHROC116


    Yo Brooklyn is the shit. I love it because It's the only place in NY that still scares me. Ha I see a lot of Onetime and Setup....Skrew msk putting niggas to shame and shit. J line rooftops are dope. Brooklyn will be touched by me real soon hopefully..I need to get cans! more flicks great post keep it going!
  3. Hey I like long island graff...shit is cool! But you guys seem to have mad beef out there..like everyone is at war out there. Well All I'm trying to say is that LI got some sick ass graff. Is there a writer ...NOVEL from out there...if so is he up?? Cuz my friend was telling me his cousin kills shit in LI and he writes NOVEL..or someshit i dunnno. big ups LI niggaz!!
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