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  1. hha im 6'2 and like 155-165 i prolly weigh less now, and its becuase im way too broke to eat.
  2. haha you better make a thread for me homie. i informed you when my b-day was. and illl expect a jag in my driveway with a huge bow on it too.
  3. word, happy birthday man. i know im late but you gotta fill me in on this shit. happy 19th peace.
  4. nude splits on the beach is the leading cause of sandy taco.:p
  5. thanks man, i kinda like it :)
  6. who is this, maybe we can meet up and paint mojos, hit up my aim. nick5542
  7. *bump* bump for dobers new piece... http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00368282f00000025.jpg'> :D
  8. i heard this guy on a local radio station. he is terrible and just freestyled about bein an illegal alien who hopped the border. and all his beats were just instrumentals to old songs. he is weak:dazed:
  9. nerd rap is the bomb shit, ill climb the tallest mountain and yell it :lol:
  10. drink a shitload and while your still conscious you should go bombing and piecing. when i broke up with my girl of 1 year+ i was kinda bummed but i started bmx'ing again and bombing/drinking on the nightly. now im in a great mood and my life is on the ups i think. and i found a new girl :) and shes dope as hell
  11. i roll either my haro 20", my feet, or the bus. http://www.harobikes.com/2003/images/bikes/large/mirraflair.jpg'> my bike but mines blue
  12. first try was 50,846 :) ive had plenty of practice in real life :lol:
  13. you cant teach the c-walk, you have to feeeeel the c-walk. :lol: goofy white kids i swear :crazy:
  14. wheres the directions for those in a wheelchair wishing to electric slide ? :confused:http://www.asoundinvestment.com/try16.jpg'>
  15. nah shes the one who decided to leave and all her friends are hypin her shit up so shes gone. im bout to leave too i hate this shit.
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