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  1. WORDISM45


    i'm not an american im an australian, the closest thing weve had to a terrorist attack was some indonesian arseholes blowing up a club in indonesia where some australians were at, yet for some reason our government has enacted anti terror legislation to keep us all safe and secure and which has helped them arrest a lot of muslims with minimal evidence (just for context im not a muslim and the relationship between muslims and the rest of australian society is a very precarious one and has been so for a long time before terrrorism due to ethnic gang violence etc.). i do understand that in israel the threat of there beign an actual real deal terrorist about to kill you is a fact and a very disconcerting one at that. i just cant stand it that these days a person in a percieved position of power can just drop the word 'terrorist' and everyone gives him a blank cheque without thinknig once let alone twice.just out of interest are you an israeli living in israel or an american or what?
  2. WORDISM45


    please forgive me if i dont believe that that poor schoolgirl was sent into no mans land and subsequently shot because of 'a terrorist' . its fucking bullshit wow some guy was walking within 50 metres of the incident shit he msut have been a terrorist that sent the girl in there thats some damn fine deductive reasoning. those mysterious shadowy unnamed intangible terrorists keep causing so much mischief, its like bam throw the word terrrorist into the equation and snap its no longer anyones fault. i also feel sorry for the israeli soldiers who tried to do the right thing afterwards and give up the son of a bitch that sadistically executed her, its a pity they were silenced to avoid public outcry and give the military a bad name.
  3. WORDISM45


    its cool mar i understand that you have ties to israel and i dont expect to change your opinion on an internet forum. but trying to say that israel hasnt indiscriminately killed palestinians is like holocaust denial. hey palestinians have indiscriminately killed plenty of israelis too, no ones trying to deny that, so why cant you just accept the obvious and move on with other reasoning and arguments as to why israel might be partly justified in its actions or something like that instead of blankly trying to say it doesnt happen when it most certainly does.
  4. whoah that was so impressive did you like fully just say that off the top of your head? you must be some man :shakehead:
  5. why do i have the instant effect of making you sopping wet?
  6. WORDISM45


    im sorry but that is a complete load of bullshit there are so many well documented examples of israel bombing palestinians and shooting little girls etc. but hey im sure a lot of palestinians would love to indiscriminately bomb israel too they jsut dont have the resources beyond suicide bombings
  7. WORDISM45


    holy shit i cannot believe how much of a maggot isor is. its crazy how superior i can feel compared to someone just by reading their posts on the internet. im seriiously smirking right now about how low as dirt you are isor. a pathetic little faggot with a chip on your shoulder.
  8. pffft who gives a fuck if we were to watch every dumb thing bush has done on camera wed be sitting here all week
  9. i find the notion of living in a coastal commune with my own family, and having an extensive network of neighbouring communes, and being self sufficient really romantic and ideal. however i dont know whether its just out of fear of what i dont know but i cant help but think that if i did live in an agrarian situation i would spend the few hours a day i had that werent spent on toiling in the fields and general upkeep of a homestead pining over how great it was when i went to work for osme bullshit company i didnt care about for 6 hours a day five days a week then did whatever the fuck i wanted. nah i still liek the coastal commune scenario better
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