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  1. seriously though. where did this thread come from?
  2. richard gere. all your friends who like family guy will think its the most original thing ever. because it doesnt really make sense. so you're supposed to laugh.
  3. man. i fucking hate it when i dont know whats going on. its 3rd grade all over again.
  4. oh yeah. and haystack should have tried out. dude can spit. and no one buys his cds except my boy mark. then i burn them.
  5. because man. serch needs money too. and vh1 is THE place to get money. especially if you aren't that relevant anymore. to be honest, everyone but juelz and fat joe probably just needed a paycheck. those two just wanted to get high and laugh at these fucks. or im wrong. and serchlight production does big numbers. and detroit freestyling pays better then ford motor. but i doubt it. john brown is right though. fucking icp BEASTING on the independent game. who knew?
  6. im not even going to lie. i'd rock the hollaback sweatshirt. and with better production and a lil wayne feature, maybe dudes single wont blow. my boy jus though... calling la peace a snitch. im surprised he made it out. at least persia could have come up with some styles p lines to battle with.
  7. i want one so fucking bad. my girlfriend keeps trying to find a way to get me one, because she knows it will make me love her. to no avail. fuck rob and big.
  8. is that the hot sauce that have at houlihans in atlanta? [i dont know if other cities have them] cause if so. its the shittt.
  9. i was wondering.. maybe... we could put this dude in the undertones thread all-time list. because his name is meateater, you know. oh and he liked the oc.
  10. this is channel zero. it's not the place to admit to checking out dudes. it's the place to wait until someone admits to checking out dudes. and then ridicule them with wit and good grammar. yeesh.
  11. dude should have reminded dr phil that he'd be nothing without oprah. being that she put him on years ago, and oprah is a decendant of midas. and if dr. phil would have just admitted that he refuses to be openly mocked on his own show, it would have been a lot more respectable then claming he hadn't seen any tape beforehand.
  12. "i got something for your face/ fuck proactiv"
  13. so apparently it sold for 155,000 american. does anyone know if it included publishing? because holy shit, if it did, that's a steal.
  14. he bought myspace to slowly enslave us. and to hook up with 14 year old girls.
  15. what happened to the undertones thread?
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