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  1. I like After EfFects, though I would probably use final cut or imovie to just seperate my clips.

    I go to school for Web & Interactive Media. When they give us film classes(im on my 2nd) they have us use Final Cut. Though I like the transitions and effects you can use with After Effects.


    I just got a Nikon D5100. Shoots 1080 @ 30fps. I plan on shotting a few videos this summer for some friends.


    I def need an boom mic though. And lenses :/

  2. I had one problem with my first generation elite xbox. they fixed it for free.


    I also have ps3.


    from what i know, they new ones dont have the problem. Everyone that had the problem had the old one. either way, we pay for a console that makes us sit on our ass a good amount of time out of our lives. who gives a shit where you money goes. you already decided to spend it before you had it.

  3. My neighbor who has a lot of hunting rifles, some playful guns, bows, pistols etc, suggested I get an AR15 lower assembly, and just register that. then just buy different uppers. Anyone do this?


    I guess you can legally register a lower and it doesnt matter what you switch up top.


    *Im in Cali

  4. I am about to buy a DSLR. I had been holding off for a little(4 months now) to see what new cameras come out. It seems as though there is always the new thing out. Its like a movie. Anyways, my 3 options that are within my price range are as follows:


    Option #1

    Sony A55


    Option #2

    Canon T2i


    Option #3

    Nikon D5100


    Im curious if that a55 is any good? I first wanted to go with the Nikon but I figured some of you may own a similar model.

    To me they are all good cameras, but if I could get some feedback as to Lifetime, and any little spec that will drastically change the quality or effect that would be cool. They all seem to record in HD video which is a plus for the work I do, and while reading the spec descriptions they seems to have similar parts and capabilities.


    Thank you.

  5. Get a Tower if you are up for saving dude. Only reason I and others that know have said that is cuz of what you are going to be doing with it. Imac will last a while, but if you want to have it for a few years you are going to need more memory and power. A guy in my class uses his Macbook pro and while he was rendering an HD 30 second motion graphics project it froze, and when he went to render it on the schools imac it took like a minute. I got an Imac for Design work and I fuck with Video Editing and Motion Graphics on the side lately. You dont want to settle and have it freeze on you when you are trying to render a big project. Hope it Helps.

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