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  1. why would you call a news station that they own? for being a smart guy, you aren't that smart. Im tired of everyone spitting out what Alex Jones and that euro dude says. Reptilians, Satan, Aliens, Illuminati, Shapeshifters. Who Cares. it aint doing shit but have them move slightly out of their way to fool u again.

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  2. <SJC


    for T4M, Music in the Park is on Thursdays

    the 16th, Freddie McGregor (Reggae)


    and on the 23rd, some Beatles Tribute.


    Its downtown in a park, and they always got food + Beer booths.




    got quite a few bars too and food spots open late downtown.

  3. here is what Im referring to. The courts dont prove Jurisdiction over them. There is another video of the same guy, he got a judge fired because he ignored his right to represent himself, and could not provide him with the papers that he had jurisdiction over him. Ive had a few friends dodge certain charges because of this. You dont got to believe it or say its right, but it does happen. Charges often get dropped.




    however I also heard the FBI considers you a domestic terrorist once you fill out the papers. Putting you on a watch list if you aren't on one already.




    it seems like they list examples to justify themselves, but they even state not all claims are illegal. I guess its a route some criminals go to attempt fraud.

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