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  1. some more code for u..... 010010010010000001001100011011110111011001100101001000000100001101101000011001010110010101110011011001010000110100001010
  2. im rather disturbed about the changing of our thread.... .....really
  3. Bob Ross is fucking DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emphasis on the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. we see eye to eye ( or so i believe).... *note i do not base my findings off of one book. that would be suicide, however i was mearly introducing a book into the public(12oz oddly enough) and hope to try and spark someone into finding this info, analyzing it, and search for more... i belieive you (villian) and I have just had a nice sharing of words, and appreciate what u had to say, i am still young,(under 20) and yet i find myself knowing more than most my age ( and i am not no bookworm or school-a-holic)... thanks for ur response for i enjoy having talks with people that are on that next level, or dare i say the level we are meant to be on..? bless
  5. Hey man... The ILLUMINATI (actually the Bavarian illuminati are most often thought of as luciferian) are a luciferian sect. Get it right. Not all freemasons are luciferian. Freemasonry is the oldest religion. There are all sorts of masons all over the world of many different religions and ethnicities. How many times do I have to say this? There are masonic groups that have been at war with EACH OTHER for centuries. They are not one gigantic conspiracy. Illumination can be thought of as the western equivalent of Enlightenment. The Gnostics were FAR from being satanic. Some of the oldest gnostic groups such as the Desert Fathers were directly founded by disciples of Jesus. I've actually been thinking about JOINING a freemason group.... I was thinking maybe the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn if they are still around. I've always leaned towards things like eclectic wicca, and chaos magick so maybe I'll go that route. While I agree with Aleister Crowley on many things, sometimes it just seems like he built a religion on teenage rebellion. While fun, and sometimes useful, it's not always practical I would say. *BTW Chances are if you reading something about ALL masons being satanic or something of the sort, you are reading some of the conspiracy theories distributed by the militias which are trying to promote a christian agenda (and sometimes a white agenda as well.) So whereever you are getting your information from I highly suggest you diversify. Motherfucking CBGBs.... legendary. Quoted post [/b] actually the big paragraph that i had posted was quoted.... and yes i am aware that here are many mason roups at war with eachother, but were you aware that those same goups have the higher degree mson meet with eachother?..... secrets within secrets are common in these so called "secret societies".... not that they look down apon their own, but rather the most knowlegdable are worthy of knowing all... that is why certain people cannot go higher in degrees than others.. the ADEPTS of the societies test their members and rank them as to how they respond to these tests..... believe it or not, most of the societies are connected....even the "illuminated" are within the VATICAN..... many of the higher priests in the vatican are freemasons.. why do u think pope john paul II rasied the ban on freemasonry (look it up,late 1970s i beleive).... even high officals in the government are freemason, or members of one of the many branches of it.... i recomend u start out with the book "Behold A Pale Horse" by Wiliam Cooper... there is good information within those pages... notice the eye of kucifer on the one dollar bill... put by a mason... this conversation could go many ways, but i reccomend u reading up more on the connections of many societies,groups,religions whatever... not to underestimate ur intelligence or knowlegde, but rather did not seem like you had all of it out on this board... peace with you and i hope u can get something out of this rather than take it to offense.
  6. oh and if anyone seriously can drop some knowlegde on me about anything thats related to above please do..want to be down with the JASON society but science aint my thang.. haha im in soo much trouble for dropping names.... but if i am threatened then i am on the right track no?... Brotherhood Of *** *****, CFA(also tied in) Vatican(amazing how much they are in), Skull & Bones(Yale UNiversity), Knights ** *****, and i will leave them with stars for dont want to get KILLED... 4 reals..PEACE WITH ALL.
  7. FREEMASONS:...(for Sarah) """Because of some remarks that have been made praising Lucifer in an uplifting manner by Masonic writers, many people are led to believe that the Masons are a Luciferian sect. Since in masonry it is the individuals with the most knowledge or light, who are held the highest and who control the ignorant, some say they practice a form of knowledge worship. Lucifer is the light or knowledge bearer. It is claimed that the word horizon originates from "Horus Rising" and refers to the morning star, or light bringer, which is Lucis in Latin, or Lucifer. According to many authorities, the eye of Horus, is the eye of Lucifer. This eye, which is often depicted as elevating illuminated over a pyramid or triangle is found in various symbols representing enormous power holders, who's top men are most often involved in a secretive order. In 1934 President Roosevelt, a 32 degree mason, impressed with the Masonic symbolism and the founding of a new world order in 1776, put the all seeing eye of Horus and the pyramid on the one dollar bill. This Masonic illuminated eye has been used throughout history. Here is an early draft of the American flag displaying the eye. The United States was established by masons, and their symbolism is interwoven within our history. There symbols can be seen everywhere. The statue of liberty was conceived, financed, built, and installed by freemasons in a Masonic ceremony. The torch of illumination is held by this goddess of liberty. The maker of the statue was Freemason Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi. He had already made a statue of the Freemason Marquis de Lafayette for the city of New York, for the occasion of the centenary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There are many obelisks erected around America mimicking the Egyptian obelisks. This is the Washington Monument. The obelisk represented the male phallic in the Egyptian mysteries as a symbol of regeneration. This is the same meaning that the obelisk carries today in America through masonry. This is George Washington's Masonic apron. Notice the illuminated eye at the top, as well as the other symbols accompanying it. It is claimed by the Masons that any country where their influence has spread, their symbols can found interwoven within, and also appear on many national flags. The masons also assume secret names that are usually taken from a dead Egyptian Pharaoh. This is the inside of a Masonic lodge or temple, where many ritualistic ceremonies are held. Masons hold titles like Grand Master, and Most Worshipful Master. There is also a lot of mystical symbolism found throughout all of the Masonic Lodges. The long term goal of masonry has been the establishment of a one world system of rule under their control, as well as to destroy religion. The phrase Ordo Ab Chao, means order out of chaos, and is a Masonic slogan. It means causing chaos for the purpose of bringing things under a new order. If people manipulate opposing mass opinions from behind the scenes in order to bring about division and chaos, they can then reveal the greatest truths that could not be handled by ordinary man before he was positioned in a state of chaotic need. This is a continuously occurring Masonic agenda. "" and with that said, i hope my computer is not tracked for i am truly scared of what they can do have done in the past... knowlege is all im seeking, same as them, but i dont have rituals for it.... anyone ese interested in this NEW WORLD ORDER thing? cuz it can get VERY deep and i often lose people in the conversation when i try explaining... but some people would be suprised as to how close it is to the holy bible...
  8. isnt this chicks name stephanie.. or somethin?..
  9. GOOCH how much u want for it?... and how long will the process take?. im getting into silk screen and that stuff wouldnt hurt me but in the wallet...anyways name ur price and ill talk it over with my partner... and would u throw in some cheese fondue?
  10. as in the whole company equipment and all? or would u like to just sell me a silk screen machine?.... :love2:
  11. obvious ur drunk... come back sober and apologize.. :haha:
  12. :haha: :haha: holy shit...thats an awesome idea!!! wooo eee!!! its going down this weekend!
  13. i got 3 girls in my life... i dunno what to do..
  14. you did all 4 names? crazy yo... but shit is fresh....... *flys away to feed on humans..*
  15. well it is a tad bit weird but i would like to invite u all to my house... its in the SF bay area...peace... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....vagina!
  16. damn yo.... how much money do i send?.. i mean i got lunch money, but i dont think i can split it up 100's of ways.. i mean, dont i have to buy stamps too?>.. :gaga:
  17. so i dressed up to show how i want to be a knight bat... i think im pretty determined
  18. my friend had that problem with BEARSHARE... i think u have to use another program to open it... as in dont use the default player for winmx...
  19. so to become a memeber u gotta like have stealth mode and use ninja stars or what?... im confused..
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