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  1. So I am probably going to buy this guy right here.




    I currently have a D5100, but I am considering getting either a D7000 or a D300s to upgrade. I love the D5100, I haven't had any problems except tiny things with the kit lens. Does anyone own both D300s and D7000? I know the 300s has less megapixels, but it is a few hundred more that I have seen online.


    If I dont end up getting another body, Ill probably save a little bit longer with the money left over and get a 10-24mm lens too. It is my first time investing in glass, or lens.


    Suggestions? Things I should stay away from?



  2. yeah, I got godaddy for a few accounts. their management control panel blows and some pages are hidden. Luckily, I do web and all i needed to do is set up the FTP. But for someone who doesnt do web and is new, I would not suggest godaddy if you will be directly managing and creating your site. Id suggest wordpress or Tumblr.

  3. Re: Shutter Speed Photography



    I was wondering if anyone knew how the ones are done with multiple light lines...like the last picture on the first post or the second one by _ _ _ _??


    that one i posted i used a different light. It was more like a wand and had 4 LEDs throughout it. It was the angle at which i was drawing. Just mess with any kind of light. The last ones i posted was made from one of the lights from above.

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  4. I've been trying to use manual more. It feels good controlling the camera more, and a tripod has helped me so much. I know I don't post, or haven't in a long time, but I do enjoy looking at them. Inspiring.





    both cropped only.

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