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  1. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends.......... Can i be her friend too?
  2. if you're scared go to church
  3. theres a hot chick on instagram. BUt she has terrible star wars tattoos
  4. There is a Case thread in The HEavens too
  5. they fucked up 2 out of 2 orders a few years back, I never went back. I heard 12oz is ran by the government now. like 4chan. but buy paint from this site if you are going to get it online.
  6. A dude in SF is selling an M6 with ELMAR 50mm. says excellent condition 1900 OBO. :/ I wish it was 3 months from now.
  7. Smoov-E is Better. Banging Them Out Dream Girl Long Duck Dong - Unplugged Lip Locked
  8. his abcence would not be missed. hes gonna sell out if he gets the chance. He Lyin'!
  9. I bet whoever made them visits 12oz.
  10. Cool, Thanks. Looks like Ill just get those 2 lenses then. Thank you for taking the time dude. I appreciate it.
  11. So I am probably going to buy this guy right here. I currently have a D5100, but I am considering getting either a D7000 or a D300s to upgrade. I love the D5100, I haven't had any problems except tiny things with the kit lens. Does anyone own both D300s and D7000? I know the 300s has less megapixels, but it is a few hundred more that I have seen online. If I dont end up getting another body, Ill probably save a little bit longer with the money left over and get a 10-24mm lens too. It is my first time investing in glass, or lens. Suggestions? Things I should stay away from? Thanks.
  12. I might be upgrading to a D7000, but I will probably be buying some glass. thinking 85 1.4 or maybe 24 1.4 It will be my first investment in a lens.
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