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  1. Anyone know where i could get a copy of 'Infamy the Movie' on DVD>> been tryin for ages. my mates seen it says its good. any ideas people?
  2. I need to get my hands on some additive powders, which will eventually be added to my lovely stash of garvey, leather dye & brake fluid.... any1 know where i can get sum of these4 powders in the UK? cheers. ps heavy refillable mops......'Scuff Kote' woolworths £2.69 or sumthin...easy to refill and leak proof. krink heads fit on em too.
  3. ive heard Corio is pretty damn sexy!
  4. anyone added brake-fluid to Garvey?? ive heard they dont play together! any info? would it work mixing garvey and corio both voilet?
  5. cheers for that mate! il get sum corio me thinks. im from far far far away! lol i got my garvey from art-primo.com chikkketty-check it!
  6. Anyone know whats good to mix with Garvey XT-70 voilet...i got sum on order form the US...i heard its pretty mad with staining already, would it be better with brake fluid? what else have ppl tried mixing it with or dont they mix? cheers peeps.
  7. What a load of toss......just go and buy a new one...they hardly cost a lot do they...save all the DIY agro! :rolleyes:
  8. Has anybody seen Infamy The Movie? got a mate thats seen it, and says its brilliant....need to get a copy on dvd...anyone know if its been released yet in the uk, and where i can get it?
  9. saw a GAVIN panel running today at clapham junction....had another next to it think it was a WOLFE or sumthin like that. no camera with again!!!
  10. scooby-doo

    On my travels

    A local crack house..... < VIER . ORKIS . TIZER . ARE1 . SEMS . JERM . SKIRE >
  11. I was standing at wimbledon station this morning when a train pulled in on the opposite platform.....could see it had panels on but i was on the wrong platform and would have missed my train if i had croseed back back 2 see it..... coming home just now i saw the same bloody tain again at wimbledon..... 3-4 panels i know it was DPM for sure.... except just as it pulled in another fucking train got in my way n then they both pulled off togther!!! just my fucking luck! :hatred:
  12. scooby-doo

    On my travels

    Some flicks from round my way... Thats all folks.
  13. My girl caled me about 20 mins ago...theres one runnin with 5 maybe more panels.. windows down (DORKING -> Victoria).,.. hopefully il have sum flicks soon.
  14. really where are they then? C L O S E I T!
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