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  1. romperoom

    The 3D pages.

    Thanks AMEK. it was done in illustrator for the outline of the M, then finished off in photoshop. No 3d software. It's part of an artshow i'm working on. I do a collage with a 3d letter from the alphabet, then relate it to my life somehow.
  2. Casekonly is right, but it actually converts it to Vector not Raster. Vector art is based upon mathematical calculations. (illustrator) Raster is based on Pixels. (photoshop). anyway it's the best way to get your line art into illustrator. If you use Flash, Streamline is what a lot of animators use to get the characters into a useable format.
  3. romperoom

    The 3D pages.

    M http://www.aerosolwarfare.com/L2/graff/m_jest.jpg'>
  4. romperoom

    Character Post

  5. for me the pen tool in Illustrator is like second nature. I try the pen tool in PhotoShop, and I don't like it. People that use photoshops pen tool don't seem to like illustrators though.
  6. Yeah you have to use Classic mode to use Adobe Streamline, and Fontographer. Joker: how do you prepare your work to get into streamline? It works pretty good for my stuff. To get super clean lines though you have to draw it out in Illustrator. I did this with streamline then colored it with Illustrator: http://www.aerosolwarfare.com/L2/graff/cop.gif'> I drew this with the pen tool in Illustrator: http://www.aerosolwarfare.com/L2/graff/2AM.gif'>
  7. wallpaper another wallpaper from Aerosolwarfare.com http://www.aerosolwarfare.com/L2/downloads/J6S02.jpg'>
  8. casekonly: you don't need a MAC to do design. All the 3d guys I know use a PC. Mac is great for motion and making dvd's, but as far as flash, photoshop, illustrator etc. pc's are exactly the same... except macs run flash a little slower than a pc. as far as more wallpaper, were posting some more at aerosolwarfare.com pretty soon. keep checking the site for updates.
  9. here's one of the wallpapers on Aerosolwarfare.com http://www.aerosolwarfare.com/L2/downloads/J6S01.jpg'>
  10. Dope Ass work FATOE! Keep up the great work!
  11. blackbook spread http://www.aerosolwarfare.com/L2/graff/houtex.jpg'>
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