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  1. I hope you all know you're more than likely talking to this guy: http://www.slhs.net/administrator/dherrera.html Seriously.
  2. thumper

    Can I sue?

    first... wrong thread. second, bad idea to come to "the ounce" looking for legal advice. most attorneys will give you an hour of consultation for free. and no, you can't sue. cops can legally do almost anything they feel necessary to get what they need to arrest someone. in a narcotics operations where they are undercover they can even participate in doing drugs to prove they're not cops. believe or not, that's true, at least where i live. they have that right and there it's completely legal. it sounds like in your case the cops are banking on testimony of some sort to try and recharge you and have you convicted. obviously the DA didn't feel the case was strong enough the first time around so the cops are back to square one. they already know you write graffiti but they now need to see you do it or get testimony. let me add that even someones testimony other than your own isn't great evidence. especially in your case. they're asking other criminals for information, and that doesn't hold up to well in court. and there's methods to discount any criminal testimony. the worse part for them, even if anyone does rat you out, they probably won't show up in court and their testimony would come in the form of a "confidential informant". which makes the entire thing weaker. sure, it's enough to arrest someone, but in reality it's not enough to charge. a DA probably wouldn't charge on the basis of a confidential informant in a case like this anyhow. even so, it's important that the people who know you don't say anything. don't even lie about the situation, just don't give the police anything. a lie can end up turning the situation into a bigger mess. the cops are only talking to everyone because they want to prove you DID do it, not to prove that it wasn't you. make sure all your friends know to not tell the cops anything. i think they are legally obligated to give an ID or full name and address, but other than that they don't have to say a word. if the cops are threatening they should tell the police that they aren't going to talk to them until they get a lawyer. don't let the cops intimidate you, ever! another thing, the cops can only question someone briefly. after a short amount of time you have the option of leaving. the cop has to either arrest you or let you go at that point. and if he arrest you under no grounds than you would have a case. so chances are he's going to let you go because harrassment suits can be a bitch for the police. and many suits are actually settled out of court (free cash!) point is, they feel by you doing graffiti that you fucked with their lives, and now they want to fuck with yours. they'll probably get over it after a while if they can't pin anything else on you. eventually they're going to remember that there are more crimes in the world going on that deserve their full attention other than graffiti. as for now, you and a few friends might want to consult with an attorney. tell them about the harrassment and that you're being implicated in various crimes. if the cops do come to arrest you and perform a raid and keep messing with you, you might have the option to get a restraining order from the police (i'd love to have one of those). and you and your friends need to stop getting arrested so damn much. it's not cool. that'll be $250 for this consultation, and i do accept paypal.
  3. i don't think there's any pre-req to be in 640. seems like anyone can get in as long as you meet ceive or cask and you get along with them. there's a lot of toys and a lot of fake motherfuckers pushing it. a lot of people no one's ever heard of. being in 640 does not mean that you're good, or that you're a gangster, or that you're up. it does nothing to your status.
  4. i don't even paint freights anymore and when i did it was about an hour away from the place in particular that i'm talking about. i don't think they would argue that it's my yard. no one should debate that. my whole problem was with them sporting blue rags, because speaking of "everyone who knows u knows your not a gangster", destn and company should not be sporting a red or blue bandana. my advice is for them to get a black one, those are real trendy right now and you're not gonna push any buttons with most bangers... i don't even wanna talk about this. i just wanted to make a point, stop arguing with my point of views and shit... damn.
  5. we're cool, but please do not sport no blue bandana in my yard (yes, that's my yard you've been painting, you know which one). thanks! Quoted post thats in the middle of oregon and you have never been there. Quoted post [/b] i don't care where that is and i never plan on going out in the middle of oregon.. they paint my yard religously and if i walk in my yard and see someone wearing a blue bandana i'm gonna be on the offense.
  6. we're cool, but please do not sport no blue bandana in my yard (yes, that's my yard you've been painting, you know which one). thanks!
  7. if youve been to san jo less than 50 times you must know all about everything huh... :clown2: cutty shots and yards dont count as graf to you then what does median filss on freeways and heaven spots a rose is a rose is a rose...do scribes count do tags with pencil in county count no those are too cutty..i dont get it what constitutes yes constitutes what graf is exactly..sorry im not writing at a fourth grade level Quoted post [/b] what counts is when someone shows balls. i don't have to go into detail. and being that i've been writing since 94 i'd like to think that i have my shit down by now. r10, aot and nc are the only people that put in work worth mentioning. nobody else has shit. if you aren't in those crews and consider yourself a writer, i apologize. but please, put in more work, your walls are lonely...
  8. looks like TYDERR... or EYERR.. or maybe, i don't know...
  9. i'm unbiased and i go to san jose about 4 times a week and have been for about 4 months now and i can tell you the only tags runnin are r10, aot and nc. cutty shots and yards don't count as graffiti to me. if any writers out there have beef with these crews, as seems to be the case on this forum, why don't you get out there and take out all their shit?
  10. i'm seeing a certain rooftop on here that got posted that shouldn't be getting any play. fake ass union city writers.
  11. when i was doing them, i would try one e2e a night and about 3-5 pieces. we didn't leave until the sun came up. after about a month of concentrating on freights going every day, me and my homies realized it was too fuckin easy and we never got the same feeling of accomplishment that we got when we hit streets and freeways.
  12. thumper

    Graffiti Grapher

    yeah, i'm sure that everyone that thinks this "connection" is stupid falls into that criteria. and anyone that loves the correlation is probably a king, right? by the way, those must be your hero's because they sure the fuck aren't mine.
  13. thumper

    Graffiti Grapher

    i "guarantee" that you're wrong.
  14. thumper

    Graffiti Grapher

    math has as much to do with graffiti as it does with ANYTHING else in the ENTIRE world. what the fuck is the point of pointing that out? thumbs down for you geeks who get off on this shit.
  15. thumper

    Graffiti Grapher

    yeah, i always bring my calculator when i go bombing. and thanks to this software i don't even need to anymore. i'll just figure out all the technicalities on my computer first!!!!! gay.
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