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  1. 'That Nigga Loaf' went politically correct.
  2. That siner fill on 94 is pretty nice, too. So what happened after the all-star game, is detroit automatically rejuvenated now, are the streets paved with patinum and no potholes, is it a world class city now or does that happen after the super bull...can't wait to see :(
  3. Wow, I'm at a loss for words. There's self-promo and then there's just begging to be insulted and ridiculed. :scowl: :nope:
  4. I like dumpsters. But have you ever seen the swimmobile??? It's like a giant roll away dumpster made into a swimming pool. A truck comes and drops it off in the middle of the street...I saw it off of West Warren a few years ago. :chicken:
  5. haha....good shit fellas, fill them walls up.... all i gotta say that is, whenever someone decides to cap over my shit regardless of how faded off the wall it is, how wack it is, or who it is by , that shit's gettin CAPPED OVER BY ME!!! HA...don't think I don't prowl these streets on the regular. Those are the real 'yards', as far as I'm concerned... fuck the market....I like those out of the way unknown, unhit spots....and no name dropping please, do yer own searching....let the Metro Times be responsible for that bullshit (hope that never happens)!!! :clown2: All I'm sayin is that this town has hundreds of chill spots to drop those pieces and I hope that all the good writers who can piece get around to more of them, instead of dropping good shit in the market yard that gets dissed the next day by some suburban gangstas!!!! :chicken: And irate, deather, pluto...all you mofo's...send me a PM with your email addy's cuz I never got em ....thanks. Chef Bould - R - Street. ;)
  6. Damn, someone post some graf flix or hate on ansiq or something :beat: Chef Bould-R-Dee :yum:
  7. Pistons suck. And oh yea fuck the meatcutter's thugs.... I GOT BEEF. :chicken:
  8. Found these deep in the dirty south :huh2:
  9. fair enough red, I know you still paint shit, I'm just being an asshole and no, I don't know you and I would hope for your own good that you DON'T hang with Tony and I don't like hippies either so there, something we can agree on. Lurking, sorry son I let my emotions get the best of me, it won't happen again, you're un-grounded, you can go out and play now. :(
  10. wow... you are 'officially' (note the spelling) retired... ...I mean, that is... except for coming onto 12oz occasionally and posting sarcastic, scathing replies to people's shit... not that I completely agree with everything that lurking has to post here but... Go smoke another blunt with your boy Shady Tony and shut the fuck up ;)...
  11. Bigger than NYC but are the streets as full of grimey graf?? :freak:
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