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  1. and last some old stok flick, from the goodoldays. stay up seattle.
  2. And then their is FIST, now let me take a moment here to remember. One of the last times I saw him he came over with another locster and we drank 2 cases of beer and a fifth of something and stole a whole perscription of vicaten from my aunt and we snorted the whole thing. I think he was ond of the funneist and craziest pepole I have ever been around. REST IN PEACE HOMMIE. life is to short too internet battle. fist hits off, ENUF BAREE DELK PESTOE AGRO GPK H8ER VAPER
  3. this is a serch flik but its kinda hard to tell
  4. and untill the next 100 pages thats all I got, and I luv cereal becouse he his such a toy and filled with such gayness that its cute. Im a fat hairy old man that needs love and I drink soy milk becouse my grandma told me it gives men breasts.
  5. I am rely just a bitter old man that hates graffiti. I cought this kid painting my truck and kicked his ass. So Ha Ha HA, I luv silver circle.
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