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  1. Godzirra

    don't mean to break the silence but...

    haha. I hear that. Your threads would be bangin even if no one else stopped in to say anything.:D
  2. Godzirra


    Yooou're actin lyke a lil byyitch ryyght now. Great movie. McEiht doesn't get enough respect.
  3. Godzirra

    Im bored. Here is a poll

    Re: this is well worth the read hahaha
  4. Godzirra

    notice to appear...

    If i were you i would wait this one out. I dont know where you live where people actually get tickets to fix things with their car but it deffinately sounds like a bunch of shit. Play it by ear and see what happens. Go on with your life like you normally would. Infact pretend like you never got the ticket in the first place. I've done this once before and a ticket i got that was originally $350 then jacked up to $465 then up to $500 came back to me about two months later and it was only $50. I liked that number much better and paid it. As if my luck wasn't good enough already, I got a check from the DMV for $20. It appears that I paid them too much. So, I hope that my story leads you on your way to financial freedom.
  5. Godzirra

    What goes up the butt?

    Awesome!! Quit bullshittin around and do the damn thing.
  6. Godzirra

    Today...German Shephards Suck Hard.

    snicker snicker snicker!! He said embetween.
  7. lower it all you want. $13 still isnt free. Hahaha. No but really as long as they arent $22 fucking dolars any more then I will start to buy them again. The east coast prices on music are straight retarded.
  8. Godzirra

    kate moss. my new obsession.

    *edit-whatever awesome
  9. Godzirra

    THUMPER! (what are you eating?)

    I just ate a whole bag of double stuffed OREOs. I don't feel so good.
  10. Godzirra

    im going to sue pepsi co.

    <span style='color:black'>That would be great. A commercial for McDonalds where some one goes up to a black person and asks "What are you?" and the black person replies "I'm a nigger and i like spicey chicken sandwhiches from McDonalds." That's basically all I hear when i see McDonalds commercials on BET.</span>
  11. Godzirra


    Looks to me like they pay their models in heroine.
  12. Hahah I'd laugh at Teaser for bringing a lap top so he could post about the get together while at the get together. :D
  13. Godzirra

    How do *you* waste the boss's time?

    <span style='color:black'>When i was about 16 i got this job at this super huge grocery store. The place had to have over 75 employees easily. So my thinking was; If i go in here and dont attract any attention to myself, I should be able to come clock in and then go do something else for the rest of the day. This worked out excelently for about 3 months when one of them caught me getting one of my mad overtime paychecks and were like "Who the hell are you?" What a great job. </span>
  14. Godzirra

    What Scares You?

    There was this guy in one of my highschool classes that was afraid of loose hair. So when he went to the bathroom i took a girls brush and emptied a good deal of loose hair into his book where we had to open up to. When he got back and opened his book he started freaking out, then had to go to the bathroom again. :D
  15. Godzirra


    High FIVE dude.:lol: