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  1. Lulz she smoked me up.. I figured she just wanted my weed, so I just brought a roach..
  2. And we were eating chips ahoy then outta nowhere she was like, "my throat is numb...when I swallow I can't even feel it, it justgoes down" n then she stared at me wit this funny look in her eye Obviously I'm not dumb.. Well maybe but my dirty mind was thinking deeptbroat but I tried hookin up wit this girl before n she ended up leadin me on and a whole buncha other shit:confused: I haven't really talked to her since this one day when she said she didn't like me as much as she thought I did.. (besides her occasionally saying stuff on my FB) n she hit me up to smoke wit her and her friend last nite.. N I was bored n not doin shot so I went.. But basically my question is is she all of a sudden attracted to me because of how i just deaded her completely and she realized how much she liked me? /noonecares
  3. dont bump your own shitty ass post.
  4. where do i find the shipping code?
  5. i know this is random but... i bought some shit from ebay and it was shipped from detroit on saturday to buffalo by fedex ground.its not here yet. HOw long do you think detroit---->buffalo would take?
  6. how long do you think fedex ground would take to get from detroit to buffalo?
  7. dude i posted already that i dont have acess to a camera
  8. it was a new years joke. plus i was drunk.. 1)stop using wiggles letters. 2(look through the new york city, boston and any other thread in brickslayers and just look at every page. do the same in paper chase. 3)sketch sketch sketch!! 4) do simples 5)dont worry about color or any thing, just make sure your letters look good. once you understand letter structure, fuck wit throwies.
  9. hand raised. it started raining downtown and i was soaked. i still got my drink n smoke on.
  10. agreed. shit got boring after April for me.
  11. quit. go to your kitchen. find the biggest knife in your set of silver ware. stab you self in the stomach, then slit your wrists. then slit your thorat.
  12. this is gonna be a very fun nite!!!
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