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  1. There may be a need to look at tougher penalties on those who decide to ride it out and understand that there are consequences to not leaving.” –Sen. Rick Santorum i hate this guy so much it physically hurts me
  2. the 36 chambers of doom is maaaad bootleg, sounds pretty offbeat in parts. operation ironman is a bit higher quality, some good stuff on there, but as stated above, i could only grab it on soulseek. what is this danger doom ive been hearing about? shit, they plug it on adult swim, which kinda sucks.
  3. giant panda - "racist" though their fly school reunion album is pretty much all dope
  4. eddie harris - funkorama herbie hancock - hang up your hang ups the meters - funky miracle maceo & all the kings men - got to getcha
  5. marcus garvey is not a celebrity. that lil jon shit, if real, is the best thing i've ever seen. i'd smack the fuck out of bam margera, he is a giant retard.
  6. got a fin on a sawbuck not if its huff only flame shit
  7. you mean folk, deterrent. what up folk
  8. chuck berry likes to take pictures of the little girls' room
  9. in chicago we say woofin, do any of you?
  10. let me just clarify, is that guy sewing a tit onto his dick?
  11. laybeuh do you have a flick of that gigantic roller above your piece? shit looks massive
  12. cool, i'll try to put something up by tonight or tomorrow
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