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  1. thanks i guess im just gonna have to do that then :/ i just hate destroying my newest sketches... grr
  2. .. you are the one who took time to reply to something they supposedly think is a dumb subject.
  3. wow... i should go back too highschool english.. lol
  4. if someone ratted on.. or busted.. and u had peices,sketches..shit like that @ your residence... or someone elses residence... and the po got aholdof it.. is that proof right there, or is that pretty bad evidence. iam wondering because i would like too know if having a blackbook is a good idea... or if drawings and sketches should be demolished after completed. thks
  5. foild1

    belton paint

    i live in canada, and im wonderig if anyone here knows of a belton supplier that would ship here.... thanks
  6. yo..sometimes when im bombing, i hit some rather skiddish neighborhoods.. i dont mind it, infact, i almost like it for many reasons... but i was wondering.... do you guys ever carry protection? peace, and thanks for your help:)
  7. do you guys care about cars seeing you tag or do throwups or whatever? not cop cars, obviously, but,will you wait to hit a wall for all the cars to go by before you hit it? what do you do on busy streets, etc... i just usually wait till all cars have gone by, but i wonder if i am too paranoid because lots of people talk about getting chased by the cops all the time, but i have ever ran away from a running officer..
  8. would you mind telling me where to find them?
  9. i would love to trade some stickers if i had some... where can i find those big postage stickers in Canada?
  10. im looking to find out if there are any good postage stickers (like the very large USPS stickers ive seen posted on this website) in canada, and where/how i can get ahold of some. Im sure this has been asked before, and i appologize if this is a incredibly stupid question. greets from 250
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