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  1. fuck all of you im not triing to spell jesus i just need someone to show mw a good you cuz i cant get them right they all ways look like shit so thats y i didnt post any
  2. is that a piece or a sketch cuz i can the see the end of the book and theres no way thats your first man its way too good no ons that good thaty fast. take it as a compliment
  3. i thought i would start a alpha battle for the letter j cuz you never really see it its a tuff letter.
  4. ya i know it was a dumb thing to ask i wasnt asking for something to copy tho i wanted sometging that could inspire me or something i dunno can some one give me some tips about getting started then
  5. i just started graffing and i write jesus its just a nick name i got when i was a kid. I've done about 9 pieces but their way more like throws i've got no mentors just 12oz prophet message board and i was wondering if someone could draw me up a good example of a jesus cuz well i suck and need some serious help. Thanx for the help.http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/index.php?action=view&filename=zzzjesus.jpg'>
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