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  1. nice post, although a lot of dissing going on there.
  2. cascade_67


    some of these are just obvious, but you'd have to be psychic to read the rest of them.
  3. i could be wrong here, but i think when you see a car come back to the same spot a week or two later, that means it went to get serviced and then returned to wherever you saw it and then leaves town.
  4. yea, it would have sucked, but thank god there was an AOL graffiti chat room, or else i wouldn't have learned how to do straight lines.
  5. good call, you familiar with the john sevier yard?
  6. I agree with that... in general, smaller cities with less writers makes it easier for trains. All I'm trying to point out is that small cities are not all they are cracked up to be, depending on the city(and it's industrial areas or lack of). I think the best situation is a bigger city with lots of trains and few writers.
  7. my one cent giving individual families compensation won't work, but corporations that profited of off slavery donating money to minority organizations and maybe even human rights organizations would be a good example for other corporate crooks to follow. and also i dissagree that blacks have equal opportunities as whites..white males have it made. plus slavery still goes on today, american companies make masive profits off of sweat shops that are employing people living well below the poverty line.
  8. trust me small towns have big time DISADVANTAGES too...plus, you might have all the trains to yourself but lots of small towns aren't exactly loaded with yards
  9. on nice cars hitting both sides is cosher. especially if it's a rare occasion for you to see that certain type of car. basically i just agreed with half the people. whatever
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