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  1. wtf talk about crap on a stick no props here i think u should give me somthing for me lookin at your crap ass pictures... maybe 5 minutes of my life back, just a sugestion
  2. nice U :cool: i think this battle was over before it even began Fuck You, You Retarded Peice Of Crap!
  3. who knows what happens hopefully it a better place where everythang ill and u can do what ya want iono it some sad shit R.I.P. john jasmer
  4. etch iono kinda late but i have used the etch etch is preety fuckin sick but i do agree that it does fuck up shit way to much even for graff i juss use it once in a while on the bathroom mirrors or buss stops and it is gettin hot usin etch up in seattle they catch u wit etch felony shit fucked up juss bein caut wit it not even usen it so gettin mad trouble but what eves but u can etch in powder form it craz if u mix a little wet etch wit dry oooooooooooooooooooooooooo that some harsh shit well taht my 2 cents
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