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  1. I speak and read Spanish. Pero tengo que aprender a escribir en Espanol.
  2. I'm aight! For work I like look clean cut. For days off I like to look like a beach bum; I twirl my long curly hair into dred locks, wear low rise faded jeans, love halter tops, and platform sandals. Like dlush I'm never without my hoops, and some kind of bracelet or necklace.
  3. Wishing you all a day of love and happiness. Props to the women who have the hardest job on earth! :p
  4. B V L G A R I for special days CK be for casual days Bath and Body Works lotions like sweet pea, vanilla, green tea, and mandarin for days off.
  5. nonsical nonsense Weeeee! lets play. I'll say a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. RED
  6. Where is our 12oz correspondent Mr. Yuck? We need a live step-by-step demonstration. :lol:
  7. damn that guy needs to trim up!:yuck:
  8. Happy cinco to you too, but I don't know why the US makes such a big deal about a date Mexico doesn't even sweat.
  9. Back in the day it was cool, I don't know about the new degrassi.
  10. Nah that's your ego looking for a quick fix! Easy come Easy go.
  11. Same thing happen to me at our New Year's Eve Party. Right after the count down I just started crying, tears flooding out of everywhere! :cry2:I could not hold them down, for the life of me. Keep in mind that I'm almost always in a positive mood and never show my negative feelings in public. I felt like stop the world I wanna get off! At the moment, I felt fed up with being a host and having out-of-town family stay for the holidays, but now I see it was a cry for change. I needed to change some aspects of my life that I covered up in order to feel happy. All is better now. This may sound hokey but, listen to your inner feelings their telling you something.
  12. Usually the urge to pee, brushing my teeth and taking a warm shower. Ahhh........ I love the morning.
  13. Style Wars Lord of the Rings Like Water for Chocolate EverAfter The Beach The Nightmare before Christmas When Harry met Sally Olive the other Reindeer
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