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Some Fat KiD

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  1. damn, this dude is mad tight
  2. Some Fat KiD

    L.A. Scene

    That beam is sick as fuck, and msk fuckin kills shit.
  3. is there anywhere to rack garvey ink or the marsh 99 marker? if not is the 99 marker worth 15$?
  4. is there anywhere to rack them marsh 99 markers, or garvey ink and if i cant are they worth the money?
  5. Re: Lions Rock! dat raels is tight son
  6. that prism and 21rak is sick im likin that sayer too havent seen any serg flicks in a min
  7. dem covets look a lil too much like soviets
  8. :hatred: :hatred: aw hell naw its war now i looked up to cope
  9. saw some utah shit in the new beastie boys video
  10. I seen this bean bomb in a mag that looks just like the ebay throwie....hmmmmmmmmmm cowincidence i think not:huh?:
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